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To stay fit and healthy along the way is not always an easy task. A great way to fit in some exercise to your schedule (and, if camping, combine it with pleasant facilities and a hot shower) is a visit to the local pools. Sponsored by the government, Aquatic Centers and Leisure Facilities in New Zealand are affordable, clean and fun and located in all major cities. Check out our favorites for the North Island here:

Best value for money: Rotorua Aquatic center
Price (Adult, swim only): 5.50 NZD (Dec 2015)
Facilities: 25 m Indoor Pool, Leisure Pool, Spa Pools inside and outside (extra charge)
Comment: Come by for the lunch happy hour and pay only 3.50 Dollar for endless swimming and less people. Not a spa, hang-out type of facility, but if you are into laps, that`s your spot. I really enjoyed the 50m outdoor pool – for I, me and myself. You need to pay extra for the jet spa pools, but I would not name it worth the treat.

Best view: Ocean Spa, Napier
Price (Adult): 10,70 NZD (Dec 2015)
Facilities: 25 m Lap Pool, various Spa Pools, Sauna, Steamroll
Comment: Directly located on the Marina Parada this more sophisticated swimming pool or „spa“ offers a 25m lap pool, various outdoor pools, 2 hot pools and a sauna and steam room. For 20 you can even use the gym upstairs, doing some cardio on the cross trainer facing the ocean.

Best All-in-one: Aquatic Center, Porirua
Location: Porirua, Wellington
Price (Adult, swim only): 5.50 NZD (Dec 2015)
Facilities: 25 m lap pool, wave pool, river, slide and hot pools plus Sauna and a steam room

Most fun: H2O Xtreme, Upper Hutt
Beware of Teen time on friday nights 😉

Best for professionals: Aquatic Center, New Plymoth
Location: New Plymoth
Price (Adult, swim only): 5.50 NZD (Dec 2015)
Facilities: 50 m lap pool (outdoor), 25 m lap pool (indoor), splash pool, hot pools (extra charge)
Comment: Beautifully set at the Coastal Walking Track, this aquatic center is a pleasure for swimmers. Especially, when you are keen to do the long laps without kids and talking ladies in your way, this is the place to go. Tipp: Go for a run at the coast before heading to the swimming pool.



Most relaxing after the hike: Hot Pools, Turangi
Price (Adult, swim only): 6 NZD (Dec 2015)
Facilities: Public Hot pool, private hot pool for extra charge
Comment: The xxx Termal Pools are not the greatest aquatic experience you will encounter in New Zealand, but after hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing,

Price (Adult, swim only): 6 NZD (Dec 2015)
Facilities: Public Hot pool, private hot pool for extra charge
Comment: The xxx Termal Pools are not the greatest aquatic experience you will encounter in New Zealand, but after hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing,

Best Multi-Sport Option: i.. Wellington
Price (Adult, swim only): 5,50 NZD (Jan 2016)
Facilities: 25m Lap Pool, Lanes and equipement for Aqua Jogging, Splash Pool, Sauna and steam room
Comment: Centrally located in xxx, the pools are a good catch for a morning or evening swim when exploring the capital.

Other venues we got recommended, but never been:
> Ocean…, Auckland

More information on aquatic centers in other regions on theNorth Island can be found here:
Or if you are somewhere remote simply google „pool“ or „aquatic center“ or „leisure“ center.

Some of the leisure center also have gyms where you can drop in for casual visit if you wanna lift some weights or need some cardio action before the pool.

South Island…here we come!

Xtend Test

Everyone who has ever tried it before knows what I am talking about. The pain, the look at other girls butts (no sexual desire involved, and even if, absolutely no energy left), the shame and the sweat. And the shy, proud smile 50 minutes later. I tried a new sport and learned a lot about human beings and muscles. The challenge is called Xtend Barre.

When I was looking for a new fitness class in Wellington, I came a cross a studio that offered classes I have never heard of. Curious as I am, I clicked through the schedule and stopped at something called Xtend Barre. The description read pretty good: xxx

I did some ballett when I was little, some jazz dance when I was not so little anymore and would consider myself little above average fitness. I finished a triathlon once, so I think I should belong into that category (picturing the average participant on a Tuesday morning class at least). So I signed up for the next available class.

As always, the first learning came even before the class started. I entered the studio right before 12 after searching for the entrance for quite a while. All the people who had signed up where already there – all women between 20 and 60. And when I sat down in the lounge area with my leggins and my Adidas shirt I felt like a couch potatoe: 12 gracious figures walked in behind me, defined legs and arms, nothing that could even pretend to have been a muffin top once was any where to be seen. They were chatting about green smoothies and a new documentary about Afghanistan. I knew that Xtend Barre was kind of a hip new thing and the Studio not in the price category of backpackers and shop Assistants, but, come on!

We started to contemporary music and Beyoncé was entertaining us for what the instructor called a „short warm up“. After five minutes I was sweating like hell and did not even dare to touch my weights „to make it a little more intense“. Where all the others seem to do just fine, I was struggling to even follow the instructions (kiwi english with ballett vocabulary namening parts of your body I would probably barely know the German name for, not mentioning that I have probably never used the muscles involved either).

After another 10 minutes of serious weight, jump, lift exercises, we moved over to the barre and everyone grabbed their tools as well: a ball, a streich band, the weights and a mat.
And so we continued with squats and plank like exercises, squeezing the ball into our knee caps or elbow and then trying to repeat certain movements for what felt like an eternity.

The final 15 minutes were spend with sit ups (of course not the standard ones, but some weird super hard – you already got enough muscles to get there, so just hold the position – kind of combinations) and a short stretching finish. When I grabbed my water bottle at the end of the class, it was already empty and so felt my brain.

One thing that cannot be said about the class is: it was boring. Actually I rarely had a 50 minute class go by so quickly. Also, if you want to be sure that you have a proper workout, I can highly recommend it. You will feel the exercises for the next couple days! 🙂

One remark if you are – like me – more an average not really prima ballerina fitness superstar type of person: be little careful with repetitions that involve squats over your knee and other strenuous positions that might put too much pressure on certain areas.

All in all: It was hard, it was different, it was even somewhat fun…and I might try it again to see if I can do any better – so the motivational part if definitely done!

> Wellington, Xtend Barre Studio, …
> March 2016
> To try this class I got a two week newly pass with unlimited access to the group classes. In that period I also tried MELT, … (link to articles)

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Update: Ballett Barre Fitness, Munich, July 2016, Dance Studio

Almost four months after my first encounter with Xtend Barre, I found myself in a similar class again. I was staying with one of my friends and she asked me if I wanna join her for a new class she wanted to try. At the dance studio we went to, it was called ballet barre fitness, but most elements were the same. Funnily, the impression was very similar. Many super skinny 18 year olds waiting for the class, a little-too-motivating instructor and now, two days later, aching muscles and still a little exhaustment.