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Measured by Moments

One moment can change your life forever. When you succeed in something or horribly fail, when you meet a special person or loose one forever, when you finally have the guts to make this massive decision, try something new or finally let go.

When I thought about starting a blog, I asked myself, what I can share with other people that really matters to me, inspires me, fascinates me. And what it came down to was not a certain topic or single motivation, but the belief that special moments are what life
(and now this blog) is really all about:

Collecting memories and the way to make that more of a priority, taking risks and overcoming fear, crashing down and getting back on your feet and bravely embracing the next challenge. I am sure that at the end of our lives, we will not remember the number of presentations we built, of shirts we ironed or bills we paid, but the first time somebody smiled at us and changed our lives!

After looking into my experiences a bit more, I found a pattern for what truly makes moments special for me, rememberable, remarkable. Mostly, one of the following (or on rare special occasions all of them together) is involved:

A foreign smell, a historical sight, a language I don’t understand or the postcard picture I find myself in once in a while. I always had a fascination for far-away places and foreign cultures. Traveling is not just a hobby, but a passion for life. Which brings me to…

Do you also have certain things in life, that bring out this special glow in your eyes, a goal is never high enough not to be reached, no obstacles can defeat your motivation and you will never understand how other people cannot get crazy about it? For me, a good book (or even better a whole store), delicious food or wine, exploring and trying something new brings out the best in me and I could not live without them.

Creating ideas, searching for new opportunities, reaching a new perspective or feeling energized…inspiration can be the start or the next step, but it will always make life more interesting, enjoyable and complete. Inspiration can be found in writings or stories of other people, when you try something new or set yourself goals, when you share your thoughts or look into the mirror or the sky. Leave your comfort zone for the sake of a new experience, discovering a hidden talent, fill your veins with some adrenalin.

New friends, old friends, strangers, locals, family, lovers, soulmates, companions. Some of my fondest and deepest memories are connected to the people I shared them with or that were the reason for them to happen. I found the saying of „Life is about the people you meet“ to be very true.

I hope that this blog can inspire you to improve your life for the better, by making changes big or small, by viewing things from a different perspective, by reminding you that there is so much out there you can see and try. I don’t consider myself to have all the answers (or actually any) or be in a position to give any advice. I can only share my experiences and thoughts and hope to inspire. Or be the missing piece or argument you were looking for. Or just entertain you for a couple minutes before you go back to your life. Whatever I can do, I am happy to share these moments with you.

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Big hug from somewhere beautiful

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